Music Business

Ongakukan's Music department

As our company name implies ("Ongaku" means "music" in Japanese), our business is also tied to music production.
This department is managing the wide array of CEO Mukaiya Minoru's music activities,
including his train departure and arrival melodies production that unites his musical ability to the railway industry.

Railway related music and lectures Railway related music and lectures

Mukaiya Minoru's music and public speaking activities

● Radio program host

Since 2017 Mukaiya Minoru has been hosting the NHK FM radio show "Music Express"
broadcasted every fourth week from Monday to Thursday, from 9:50 to 10:30 AM.
In every episode, with themes that focus on railway and music, different music genres and travel anecdotes are presented.
One of the few radio programs that air the music tracks in full.

● Public speaking

  • Winter School 2022 produced by Hitachinaka Seaside Railway (Local Line Community University/2022)
  • INNOVATION WORLD COMPLEX 「The future society of dreams created by railway and automobiles」(J-WAVE・JR East /2020) Panelist
  • 「Transport and Economics」 Forum『Signage design for public transport』(Institute of transportation economics/2019)
  • Local Railway Forum 2018 「Railway and Music」 (Ministry of transport、Network for sustainable transport and environment・Tobu Museum/2018)
  • Vice-Minister project for the creation of an universal society (Ministry of transport/2018)Guest Speaker
  • Japan Finance Corporation National workshop for loan managers(Japan Finance Corporation・Otemachi Financial City/2018)
  • Making a business out of something you like ~ Music and Railway (Keio Marunouchi city campus 「Sekigaku 50 classes course」/2016)
  • Public Seminar "Creators and Music rights" (Yokohama National University Centre for economic growth strategies – Joubun Hall/2015)
  • And many others

● Live performances

  • Katsushika Trio (Mukaiya Minoru, Sakurai Tetsuo, Jimbo Akira)
    July 31th Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall / August 5th Arcrea HIMEJI - Medium Hall
    August 6th Kitakyushu performing arts centre – Medium Theatre / August 7th Kumamoto-Jo Hall – Civic Hall
    August 11th Hokkoku Shimbun Akabane Hall / August 12th Karuizawa Ohga Hall / August 20th The Bottom Line Nagoya (2022)

    October 16th Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall / October 18th Billboard Live Osaka
    October 19th Nagoya Bottom Line / October 21st Billboard Live Yokohama / October 22nd Billboard Live Tokyo (2021)

  • Mukaiya Minoru presents "East meets West 2018"
    12th of November 2018 Fukuoka JR Kyushu Hall / 14th of November 2018 Osaka Melparque Hall / 16th of November 2018 Tokyo International Forum Hall C

● Awards

Departure, Arrival, On-board train melodies creation and production


「Katsushika Trio」• Katsushika Trio (Digital Release)

Serial : OGEX-0001/Album(Digital Release)
Release date : July 8th, 2022
Apple Music /You can listen to a preview on iTunes Store from the link in the lower part of the page "buy on iTunes store".
Spotifye-onkyo(hi-res streaming)

「Keihan Departure Melodies COLLECTION2019」 Mukaiya Minoru(Only sold at events and designated EC sites)

Serial : OGCD-0013 / Full Album
Release date : October 12th 2019

「The GAMES -East Meets West 2018」 Mukaiya Minoru

Serial : VICJ-61778 JVC Victor Entertainment / Full Album
Release date : October 3rd 2018

「Sweet Train」Mukaiya Minoru (Only sold on the train)

Serial : OGCD-0012 / Full Album
Release date : September 30th 2016

「Keihan Departure Melodies COLLECTION2016」 Mukaiya Minoru (Only sold at events and designated EC sites)

Serial : OGCD-0011 / Full Album
Release date : May 14th 2016

「Tozai Line Departure Melodies COLLECTION」 Mukaiya Minoru

Serial : OGCD-0010
Release date : May 13th 2015

「Toyoko Limited Express 2014」 SUPER BELL"Z & Mukaiya Minoru

Serial : KICS 3008 King Record / Full Album
Release date : January 22nd 2014

「NicoNico Live Recording 2013」 Mukaiya Minoru with Charge & Backs

Serial : OGCD-0008 / Full Album
Release date : May 8th 2013

「Take the "A" Train」 Mukaiya Minoru & Kagayaku Orchestra (Only sold on the train)

Serial : OGCD-0007 / Full Album
Release date : October 1st 2011

「Mukaya's Club Miracle」Mukaiya's Club

Serial : OGCD-0005/0006 / Album with 2 discs, DVD included
Release date : August 29th 2011

「Keihan Departure Melodies COLLECTION 2013」 Mukaiya Minoru【Sold Out】

Serial : OGCD-0009 / Full Album
Release date : May 11th 2013

「Train Melodies on a whim Tokyu Line Collection」【Sold Out】

Serial : OGCD-0004 / Full Album
Release date : April 29th 2011

「Sakura」 Mukaiya Minoru【Sold Out】

Serial : OGCD-0003 / Full Album
Release date : February 21st 2011

「Umisachi/Yamasachi BGM Collection (Extra: Kyushu Shinkansen BGM Collection)」 Mukaiya Minoru【Sold Out】

Serial : OGCD-0002 / Full Album
Release date : November 27th 2009

「Keihan Departure Melodies COLLECTION」 Mukaiya Minoru【Sold Out】

Serial : OGCD-0001 / Full Album
Release date : November 1st 2008

Train Departure Melodies

※Clicking on the words highlighted in green will play the melody.

NEW Kyushu Railways

Kyushu Shinkansen Western Line Takeo Onsen Sta., Ureshino Onsen Sta., Shin-Omura Sta., Isahaya Sta., Nagasaki Sta. Departure Melodies, On-board BGM and Melody

NEW Semboku Rapid Railway

Semboku Rapid Railway Line Nakamozu Sta., Fukai Sta., Izumigaoka Sta., Toga-Mikita Sta., Komyoike Sta., Izumi-Chuo Sta. Departure Melodies (2022)

Kyushu Railways

Kyushu Shinkansen Departure Melody(Normal Pattern),On-board melody(2004,2011)
Sightseeing train "Umisachi Yamasachi" Departure and arrival musical horn(Westminster ver.), after-departure on-board melody(2009)
「Take the "A" train」 On-board BGM and melody 「Sweet train」On-board BGM(2015, 2016)
Kagoshima line Hakata sta., Kokura sta., Oita sta., Miyazaki sta., Yufuin sta., Miyazaki Airport sta. Departure Melody,
Arrival Melody(2011, 2015)

Keihan Electric Railway

Keihan Main Line Departure melodies(Yodoyabashi sta. Express), arrival melodies, On-board melody(2007)
Limited express "RakuRaku" Departure Melody(2017)
Iwashimizu-hachimangu Cable car On-board BGM(2016, 2019)

Hanshin Electric Railway

Main Line, Mukogawa Line Departure melodies(Umeda Sta.), arrival melodies,passing through chime(2009)
Koshien Station Arrival Melody(from 2015, every spring and summer)

Keisei Electric Railway

Narita Airport line Keisei Skyliner Musical horn, On-board melody and BGM(2010)

Tokyu Railways

Toyoko Line Shibuya sta. Departure Melody(Shibuya Sta.) 「Departing from New Shibuya Terminal」(2013)

Seibu Railway

Seibu Ikebukuro line Nerima-Takanodai sta. Departure Melody new arrangement(2015)
Sightseeing train “52 Seats of happiness” On-board Melody(2016)

Tokyo Metro

Tozai Line all stations from Ochiai sta. to Nishi-Funabashi sta. Departure Melodies(Nishihunabashi Sta.)(2015)

Sanriku Railways

Minami-Riasu Line Kamaishi Sta. Departure Melody(2016)

Fukuoka City transportation bureau

Fukuoka City Subway-Nanakuma Line Arrival Melody(2019)

Akita Nairiku Jukan Railways

Nairiku line Aniai Sta., Takanosu Sta., Yonaizawa Sta. arrival melodies (2019)

Enshu Railway

Enshu Railway Line Shin-Hamamatsu Sta., Nishi-Kajima Sta., Departure Melodies (2021)

And many many others