Our CEO Mukaiya Minoru won the Transport Culture Award for 2022 (64th edition)
January 19th, 2023

Our CEO Mukaiya won the 64th Transport Culture Award thanks to his achievements in contributing to improving the appeal of railways by composing train departure melodies and BGM, developing the first train driving simulation game in the world “Train Simulator”, among other things.

The Transport Culture Award is a commendation by the cabinet minister of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to individuals that gave important contributions to the improvement of the transport culture in Japan with their public activities, scientific research, entertainment and international activities.

■ Winners of the 64th edition of the prize
Akiyama Tetsuo - Professor at the R&D organisation of Chuo University
Shiibashi Akio - former East Japan Railways executive
Mukaiya Minoru - CEO of Ongakukan co.,Ltd, and musician

MLIT - About the 64th Transport culture award

Awarding by Cabinet minister Saitou in the Cabinet minister reception room (Jan 11th 2023)