Release of the “JR Hokkaido Rumoi main line” driving simulator
March 18th, 2024

We will be releasing the Rumoi line train simulator, created though the joint collaboration of Hokkaido Railway company (JR Hokkaido), East Japan Railway company (JR East) and Ongakukan Co.,Ltd.
The release will also include the section between Ishikarinumata sta. and Rumoi sta. that was closed in April of 2023, going from Fukagawa station to Rumoi station.
This train simulator will be available as additional downloadable content (DLC) for “JR East train simulator” available on the Steam platform, and is the first DLC from the Hokkaido region of Japan.

◆For further details, please refer to the “JR East Train Simulator” press release(only in Japanese)

Simulator experience image from the “JR East Train Simulator” press release

〇Release name: JR EAST train simulator JR Hokkaido Rumoi line DLC
〇Release date: Tuesday March 26th worldwide
〇Release Platform: Steam ※1
〇Line released: JR Hokkaido Rumoi line inbound Rumoi⇒Fukagawa outbound Fukagawa⇒Rumoi
〇Train model: KiHa 54 Series 500
〇Price: Japan: 6.960JPY (intl: 69.99USD)
(Please note that owning the Basic Pack is a prerequisite to purchase any DLC)

◆More details will be disclosed on the Steam store page once available.

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