Mukaiya Minoru media appearances
March 26th, 2024
Here are CEO Mukaiya’s media appearances information.

■ Regular show appearance
NHK FM radio show "Music Express"
Since 2017 Mukaiya Minoru has been hosting the NHK FM radio show "Music Express".
In every episode, with themes that focus on railway and music, different music genres and travel anecdotes are presented.
One of the few radio programs that air the music tracks in full.
・Broadcast schedule (April)
April 1st (mon), 2nd (tue), 4th (thu), 5th (fri) 9:15AM~9:55AM
 ※ From April 1st the broadcasting time will be 9:15~9:55AM.
※ Also available for delayed streaming on らじる☆らじる (Rajiru Rajiru)

■ CEO Mukaiya Minoru will participate to“Railfan Championship summer holidays Guest lecture”that will be held at Kuzuha Mall SANZEN-HIROBA
In connection with the NHK General television Variety show “Railfan Championship ~ Osaka’s railways – second match”, our CEO Mukaiya Minoru will take part to the event “Railfan Championship summer holidays Guest lecture” (NHK Osaka) that will take place Kuzuha Mall SANZEN-HIROBA (Osaka City).
During the talk show, Mr. Mukaiya will be introducing and playing the melodies he composed for Keihan Electric Railways, and discussing their creation with Mrs. Saito Yukino.
The event has free admittance so please come and take a look.

“Railfan Championship summer holidays Guest lecture”
Event schedule:7/22 (Sat) 14:00~15:30
Location:Kuzuha Mall SANZEN-HIROBA
Directions:in front of Keihan Kuzuha station
Lecturers:Mukaiya Minoru, Saito Yukino
Host:NHK Announcer Chikada Yuichi

■ Our CEO Mukaiya will appear as a guest on BS Fuji "Let's Torekatsu".

Our Company CEO Mukaiya will be appearing on "Let's Torekatsu" (BS Fuji), a show for railway fans and about supporting the love for railways.
The topic will be "Tokyu Railways 100th anniversary special compilation". There will be a special focus with detailed history and episodes about the 8500 series train that will regrettably be retired next January.

●BS Fuji "Let's Torekatsu" November 14th, 12AM~

■ A special interview between our CEO Mukaiya Minoru and Inoue Haruyuki will be published on November's "Monthly Electone"

The interview between our company CEO Mukaiya and Electone player Inoue Haruyuki was published in the special Talk corner of the specialised periodical "Monthly Electone - November Issue" currently on sale (published by Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings, Inc.).
Starting with "I like trains and the electone" as a common ground, they discuss the things they like and their approach to them.

●Monthly Electone - November Issue (on sale on the 20th every month)

■ Our CEO Mukaiya will be a guest at Shima Nobuhiko’s “Jinsei Hyakkei – Kokorozashi no hitotachi” on TBS Radio

Our CEO Mukaiya will be a guest for 3 consecutive weeks at Shima Nobuhiko’s “Jinsei Hyakkei – Kokorozashi no hitotachi” on TBS Radio.
Starting with stories from when he was a member of the band “Casiopea", he will also be talking about his path as the CEO of “Ongakukan” and his many different undertakings related to the railway industry: from the development of a real-footage based train simulator, train platform doors, to the production of train departure melodies among other things.

●Program name: TBS Radio Shima Nobuhiko’s “Jinsei Hyakkei – Kokorozashi no hitotachi
●Air times: October 9th, 16th and 23rd , 2022
 Scheduled starting time: 21:30