For the duration of the Yokohama Otomatsuri 2022, the Minatomirai Station departure melodies will be changed to arrangements by our CEO Mukaiya.
September 21th, 2022

In concurrence with the triannual music festival "Yokohama Otomatsuri 2022" organised by the Yokohama Arts Festival executive committee (Yokohama, Naka-ku), the platform departure melodies of the Minatomirai line, Minatomirai station will be changed to melodies arranged by our CEO Mukaya on a special provision for the festival.

Minatomirai station’s inbound line platform will have “Yokohama otomatsuri fanfare” (composed by Jan Van der Roost, arranged by Mukaiya Minoru), and the outbound line platform will have “Jupiter” (Composed by Gustav Holst, arranged by Mukaiya Minoru), from the first train on September 17th (Sat) to the last train on November 6th (Sun).

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