The melody co-composed by CEO Mukaiya and Tokyu railways will be introduced as the Tokyu Meguro line departure signal.
September 8th, 2022

Tokyu Railways (Tokyo, Shibuya-ku), will be introducing melodies co-composed with our CEO Mukaiya as it will be renewing the departure signalling sounds of the Meguro line in conjunction with the opening of the Tokyu Shin Yokohama line in March of 2023.

The new signals will make it easier to tell inbound and outbound lines apart by differentiating the departure signal with an ascending scale for inbound, and descending scale for outbound trains.
The sounds are also created to help with the safety of travellers; for example the sound that plays for the closing doors is used as one of the elements of the departure signal, which makes passengers naturally more aware of the timing of departure.

The switch to the new signals for all the target trains running on the Tokyu Meguro line (Tokyu Meguro line and Shin Yokohama line) will begin in September of 2022, to be completed by March of 2023.

â– Tokyu Corporation: News Release (in japanese)