Katsushika Trio media appearances news!
August 18th, 2022
Latest information regarding Katsushika Trio's (Mukaiya Minoru, Sakurai Tetsuo, Jimbo Akira) media appearances.

■ e-onkyo music's Katsushika Trio long interview for "Gensen Taikoban Hi-res ongen wa koreda!" 100th special issue has been published!

 ●Periodical " Gensen Taikoban Hi-res ongen wa koreda" (carefully screened and approved Hi-resolution sounds are here!) released their 100th special issue, an interview with Katsushika Trio! - on e-Onkyo music

■ 『Sound & Recording Magazine』September issue has a report on "Katsushika Trio"

Published by Rittor Music,Inc. On sale from July 25th.
 ●Sound&Recording Magazine

■ Mukaiya Minoru of the Katsushika Trio will do an appearance on Radio Kansai and Radio Nippon "KOBE JAZZ-PHONIC RADIO"
July 28th (thu) on air at 18:00
 ●Radio Kansai, Radio Nippon "KOBE JAZZ-PHONIC RADIO"

■ Mukaiya Minoru of the Katsushika Trio will be doing a remote appearance on Radio Kumamoto "Tsukahara Makiko's Fukumimi radio"
July 25th (mon), on air at noon 12:20
 ●Radio Kumamoto "Tsukahara Makiko's Fukumimi radio"

■ July 18th and 19th: Guest appearance on NHK-FM "Ongaku Yuran Hikou"!

Jimbo Akira and Sakurai Tetsuo will be making an unprecedented appearance on Mukaiya Minoru's Radio Show!
How did Katsushika Trio's new songs come to be? Please look forward to the talk between the members!
 ●NHK-FM "Ongaku Yuran Hikou"
  ・July 18th(Mon)AM 9:20~10:00
  ・July 19th(Tue)AM 9:20~10:00

■ BS Asahi Weather Access will be using "Katsushika Trio - Live 2021" in its BGM!

BS Asahi's weather forecast program "Weather Access" on air every day at 6:55AM (5:55AM on weekends)
will be using "Katsushika Trio - Live 2021" in its BGM, please look forward to it!
 ●BS Asahi Weather forecast "Weather Access" airing schedule:
  ・7/8(Fri)AM 6:55~
  ・7/11(Mon)AM 6:55~
  ・7/14(Thu)AM 6:55~
  ・7/17(Sun)AM 6:55~

■ July 8th (fri) 00:30~: Interview on BS Asahi "Kondo nani miru?!"

An exclusive interview with highlights of "Katsushika trio Live2022", tales of how the trio formed and much more! Don't miss it!
 ●BS Asahi "Kondo nani miru?!"

[Full version] The video of the interview is available on BS Asahi's official YouTube Channel!
 ●BS Asahi Official YouTube Channel: