The train simulator room plan at "La Nessa Akazawa" that houses one of Ongakukan's train driving simulators has been extended until September 30th 2022.
July 29th, 2022

As part of one of the activities organised by Izukyu Corporation and Izukyu Corporation Community (Ito City, Shizuoka prefecture) for Izukyuko Line's 60th anniversary celebrations, the "Train simulator experience stay plan" is available at the Izukyu Community "Le Nessa Akazawa" resort cottage, and it includes a simulator created by Ongakukan.
Initially set to end on July 18th, due to the very positive response to the plan, it has been extended to September 30th.

Izukyuko 800 Series simulator (picture from Izukyu Group press release)

The simulator that is going to be installed in the cottage, the first for Izukyuko Line, reproduces the Izukyuko 8000 Series train: customers will be able to enjoy driving between the stations of Izukyu-Shimoda and Izu-Kogen.
The dashboard on the screen, that faithfully reflects the instruments and meters of the train during operation,
together with the realistic sound and driving as well as the sense of speed, all contribute to a high fidelity experience.

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