Semboku Rapid Railway will introduce departure melodies composed by our CEO Mukaiya in all of its stations.
Now also in operation at Nakamozu Station's platform 2.
April 13th, 2022

As part of their ongoing scheme striving for a more comfortable and charming railway service,
Semboku Rapid Railway (Izumi city, Osaka prefecture) will introduce departure melodies in all of its stations.

Our CEO Mukaiya Minoru was in charge of composing melodies befitting the image of each station: the completely original tunes
are connected one by one like the stations along the line, and the different melodies for the inbound and outbound lines help the passengers at departure time.

They will be introduced from march 26th, 2022 (Sat) - starting with the first train of the day. Please look forward to it!
※Nakamozu station's platform 2 departure melody has been introduced starting from April 13th.

â– Semboku Rapid Railway press release (in Japanese):