Katsushika Trio, with our CEO Mukaiya Minoru, will hold a concert! (Ticket info update)
April 5, 2022

The Katsushika trio, which our CEO Mukaiya is a member of (together with Sakurai Tetsuo and Jimbo Akira), following last year's success will hold a concert this summer too!
July 31st (sun), at Katsushika Symphony Hills, will mark the start of their activity for the second year since its inception.

Katsushika Trio Live Announcement Video
First, please check the details below. Don't miss it!

【Event information】 ※ SOLD OUT
Title : Katsushika Trio Live 2022
Performers : Mukaiya Minoru, Sakurai Tetsuo, Jimbo Akira
Schedule : Sunday July 31st, 17:00 start
Venue : Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall
All tickets : \7,000
Tickets sales : March 24th 2022 (thu)

■ For general inquiries or ticket reservation please contact:
Katsushika Symphony Hills  03-5670-2233
Kameari Lirio Hall 03-5680-3333
(all only available in Japanese language)

■ Ticketing agencies
Ticket Pia P-Code:213-605)
Lawson Tickets
Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799 
CN Playguide  0570-08-9999
(all only available in Japanese language)