Mukaiya Minoru's concert has been decided!【Sat. October 16th at Katsushika Symphony Hills】

CEO Mukaiya's live concert has been decided!
This October 16th (sat), at Katsushika Symphony Hills, in the first event of its kind, Mukaiya Minoru, Sakurai Tetsuo and Jimbo Akira will play as a unit in a live concert!

Ticket sales have already been set up, so take a look at the details. You can't miss it!!

【Event information】
Title : Jimbo Akira Oneman Orchestra feat. Katsushika Trio
Performers : Mukaiya Minoru, Sakurai Tetsuo, Jimbo Akira
Schedule : Saturday October 16th, 16:00 start
Venue : Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall
All tickets : \7,000
Tickets sales : May 20th 2021 (thu)

【Ticket pre-sale】April 9th (fri) to April 18th (sun)

General sales will start on May 20th 2021. Tickets can be purchased here:


Ticket Pia:

Access Map to Katsushika Symphony Hills: