ONGAKUKAN was founded in 1985 as a company in the music business. Below is the history of our company, including the expansion of our railway business division with the development of train simulators and automated platform doors, through to the present.



  • Company founded.
  • Began leasing recording equipment for professional use.


  • Sales and planning of music lessons, events, etc.



  • Released “Touch the Music by Casiopea” CD-ROM game for Macintosh computers.


  • In partnership with Shimadzu Corporation, delivered and installed computer terminals with data search capabilities using HUD (head-up display) system for Tokyo Sea Life Park.


  • Produced and released Train Simulator computer game.
  • Released 21 games for PC over the next 6 years.


  • Released Master Controller designed for PC games.



  • Filed patent application for automatic music generation system.
  • Produced first game for PlayStation 2, Train Simulator Real THE Yamanote Line. Released 10 more games for PlayStation and PSP over the next 6 years.


  • Filed patent application for automatic condition music generation system (Matrix Music).


  • Produced departure melody for Kyushu Shinkansen trains, followed by many melodies for other railway companies.


  • Took over administration of general railway information site Railfan from Tokyu Corporation.


  • In partnership with Tokyu Techno System, delivered and installed large-scale 5000-series train simulator featuring high-definition images for Tokyu Corporation training center.


  • In partnership with Total Media Development Institute, Mitsubishi Precision, Scientific Tsukuba, and FEIN, delivered and installed D51 steam locomotive simulator for the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation’s Railway Museum.


  • Produced original Toyoko Line and Minatomirai Line simulator for the Tokyu Toyoko Line 80th Anniversary Railway Festival at Tokyu Department Store’s Toyoko branch.


  • Upgraded 8090-series train simulator for the Tokyu Train and Bus Museum.
  • In partnership with iTEC, Hankyu Hanshin and Fujitsu, delivered and installed Hanshin 1000-series train simulator for the train pavilion at KCJ Group’s KidZania Koshien.
  • Upgraded 209- and 211-series train simulator for the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation’s Railway Museum.
  • Upgraded 10030- and 8000-series train simulator, and delivered and installed 50050-series train simulator for the Tobu Museum.



  • Delivered and installed group training-type train simulator for the Train Driver Experience Classroom at the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation’s Railway Museum.


  • Upgraded 811-series train simulator for the Kyushu Railway History Museum.
  • Developed and delivered background music playback equipment for Kyushu Railway Company’s 185-series “A Train” DMU.
  • Delivered and installed ATS-DK training simulator for Kyushu Railway Company.


  • Produced CGI simulator of the underground section of the Toyoko Line between Daikanyama and Shibuya (under construction at the time) for Railway Festival 2012 in SHIBUYA at Tokyu Department Store’s Toyoko branch.
  • Began artist management business (Minoru Mukaiya).
  • Produced a railway booth for Niconico Chokaigi exhibition organized by the Niconico Chokaigi Executive Committee and held a parts auction event via live streaming from Kyushu Railway Company’s Kokura General Rolling Stock Center (subsequently held during the 2nd and 3rd editions as well).
  • Planned and operated special Niconico Chokaigi train for groups during the event.


  • Relocated head office to Higashi-Gotanda in Shinagawa Ward.
  • Produced “Niconico Live Recording 2013” CD, the first national release on the ONGAKUKAN label, while visually capturing the entire production process.


  • Installed Digital Dynamic Preservation® of 3505-series train and 2600- and 8000-series simulators for Sanzen-Hiroba in Kuzuha Mall and produced PA announcements and background music for Kuzuha Mall.
  • *”Digital Dynamic Preservation” is a registered trademark of ONGAKUKAN Co., Ltd.
  • Delivered East Japan Railway Company’s E5-series Shinkansen simulator for exhibition at Inno Trans 2014 and installed it at the site.
    The simulator subsequently featured prominently at exhibitions in Malaysia, Singapore, India, and the United States.


  • Delivered East Japan Railway Company’s compact E5-series Shinkansen simulator for exhibition at 61st UITP (International Association of Public Transport) in Milan in 2015 and installed it at the site.
  • Minoru Mukaiya produced train departure melodies for all stations on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, which were gradually introduced at stations starting in May.
  • Released “Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Departure Melody Collection,” a CD recording of all 48 Tozai Line departure melodies and various arrangements, on the ONGAKUKAN label.
  • Installed E5-series Shinkansen simulator at the 9th UIC World Congress, held at the Tokyo International Forum and organized by East Japan Railway Company.
  • Celebrated 30th anniversary on September 1.
  • Delivered East Japan Railway Company’s third E5-series Shinkansen simulator (wide-body type) for exhibition at the 11th International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IREE 2015) and installed it at the site.
  • Ran ONGAKUKAN booth at the 4th Mass-Trans Innovation Japan exhibition held at Makuhari Messe.
  • Developed and obtained patent for lightweight retractable bar-type automated platform doors.


  • Upgraded 8090-series train simulator for reopening of the Tokyu Train and Bus Museum and delivered and installed new family-oriented simulator for children.


  • Delivered “Train Crew District Office Simulator” to JR East for conducting train operator- and conductor-related training.
  • Kyushu Railway Company began trial of lightweight, retractable bar-type automated platform doors at Kyudai-Gakkentoshi Station on the Chikuhi Line.