Training Simulators

Tokyu Corporation, Tokyu Hotels Co.,Ltd. (Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu/Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu) Tokyu line driving simulator

Room at the "Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu"

Born from a collaboration project between Tokyu Corporation and Tokyu Hotels, the concept room “Train simulator room” is equipped with a driving simulator created by Ongakukan. In the room, the set-up is comprised of a large screen and a driver station with an original Tokyu Railways 8090 series driver handle; it allows customers to experience driving with real life footage from the Tokyu Toyoko line, Oimachi line and Den-en-toshi line.

■Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu – Introduced in December 2020 (Still in operation as of April 2022)
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■Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu – Introduced in April of 2021 (Service concluded in March 2022)