Training Simulators

East Japan Railway Company E5 series Shinkansen simulator (Portable version)

This simulator consists of a mock-up that can be disassembled in several parts, and was designed with portability in mind to be displayed at local and international events with ease of transport. The driver’s console includes real parts, the speed and other data on the 3 displays as well as the voice guidance can be set to both English and Japanese, and the distances displayed in both Km and miles. In the beginner’s mode, the operation guidance is also displayed on screen while in the shortcut mode, the distance between two stations can be skipped; earthquakes, emergency notices and other unusual scenarios can all be experienced.
This simulator has also been used, between 2015 and 2017 for the promotion of Japanese Shinkansen all over the world. Another version of this simulator in larger scale was built to be exposed at the 10th Innotrans in 2014. After that, a slim-body version was also completed, for a total of 3 different designs.