Automated Platform Doors

Ongakukan's Platform doors*

*Lightweight bar-type platform doors (patented)


Creating a safer station environment while lowering structural weight and setup costs.
With the novel idea of using pipe panelling, we were able to make the doors light-weight.
It is made with reinforced materials, and designed so that even if a person with disabilities touches it, it is not an issue.
After a trial period, it has been introduced by JR Kyushu and it is now going to be installed by other railway companies.


Use cases

■JR Kyushu Chikuhi Line, manufactured by Nippon Signal Co.,Ltd.
Every section weights only 80Kg, making it possible for the platform doors to be transported with normal trucks and for the installation to be completed consistently within schedule.
After a trial period in 2017 at Kyudaigakkentoshi sta., they were formally introduced in 2018.
In FY 2020 they will be installed in the 6 stations between Shimoyamato sta. and Chikuzen-Maebaru sta.

■Keikyu Corporation Shioiri sta., manufactured by Nippon Signal Co.,Ltd.
To be installed within FY 2021.

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