Automated Platform Doors

Reducing weight and installation costs while further enhancing station safety

We have developed a new type of automated platform door that uses bars, while reducing weight and lowering production and installation costs.
By preventing accidents, these doors increase the safety and reliability of train operations.


The Importance of Platform Doors

Platform doors play an extremely important role in preventing accidents due to people or objects coming into contact with trains; they not only increase safety but also ensure the reliability of train operations by preventing the service disruptions associated with accidents.


ONGAKUKAN’s Automated Platform Doors*

*Lightweight bar-type platform doors (patented)

By using bars, our automated platform doors are significantly lightweight.
The bars on alternating doors are arranged to fit into each other when retracted,
helping to reduce the thickness of the equipment.
Another advantage is its capability of reducing costs significantly.

Increasing the benefits of training by faithfully reproducing actual operating conditions

ONGAKUKAN’s Train Simulators

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